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Part Number:DS490040 Manufacturer: Cressi USA Color:


The Penta+ is the restyling of the popular Penta mask. It has four lenses and also introduces to this sector all the exceptional characteristics of the Matrix and the Lince. The Cressi patented system of raked lenses with an "inverted drop” shape offers incredible downward visibility, ideal for having under control the scuba diving equipment. The clear side windows are made of scratch-resistant material, more strong than glass or polycarbonate. Thanks to them, the mask offers unprecedented lateral visibility and great luminosity for total vision with no compromises. The skirt and the strap are made of hypoallergenic silicone, a very soft material compared to the low-quality PVC, that ensures a perfect seal and comfort. The buckles are embedded in the frame to offer instant adjustment of the strap length, even with one hand. It offers a very low internal volume, a record weight of only 175 g (6.2 oz).

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