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Dive Buddy Scuba Adventures

Dive Buddy Scuba Adventures’ mission is to share the magnificent underwater world while bringing safety, and responsibility to the forefront. We are passionate about sharing this world and teaching scuba diving in a fun manner with a focus on education, friendship, a spirit of adventure, and a commitment to safety, the environment, and our community.

A little about Instructor Larry Klinger

I was introduced to scuba diving by the Boy Scouts of American when I was 16 years old. I fell in love with the sport and have been diving ever since. Over the years I have been diving in many different locations around the world and enjoy sharing the sport of diving with others. As a teacher, now education administrator and retired military Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), I have developed my own unique and effective teaching methods. I enjoy sharing the sport of diving with others and like to create a family friendly environment! I have worked with the Boy Scouts, youth groups, colleges and universities. In addition, I developed a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program for high school and middle school students. Becoming an educator and scuba instructor isn’t easy—and neither is being one, but remembering why I became one helps me stay focused and take pride in the success of others. - - Larry Klinger, Jr.


Joe Snyder

Joe Snyder is an avid dive instructor and underwater photographer. He has decades of experience as a successful business owner and manager and he relates well with everyone from student to professionals. He is passionate about spreading his love for scuba diving and works on various programs in the mainland US, in the US Virgin Islands, and elsewhere in the Caribbean.