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Ladder Safety

By Online IN blogs

Mar 01, 2023

Let's talk about ladder safety when getting in and out of the water. Read More

Fitness for Diving

By Online IN blogs

Feb 03, 2023

There are moments when scuba diving feels effortless: drifting over a shallow reef or descending through clear water toward a sandy bottom. But diving can also be strenuous — when swimming against a current or trudging to a dive site loaded dow.. Read More

Why refreshers are essential after a break from diving

By Online IN blogs

Jan 03, 2023

If you have been out of the water for a while it’s natural to feel that your scuba skills could be a little rusty and in need of a tune-up. Some dive centers might insist that you do one before diving. Working as a scuba instructor, I made the .. Read More


By Larry Klinger IN blogs

Sep 23, 2021

Human beings clearly cannot breathe underwater—which is why you should have a scuba tank with you during your dives. These tanks usually contain regular filtered air, trimix, or nitrox. Divers typically use nitrox air in their tanks if they wan.. Read More


By Larry Klinger IN blogs

Dec 22, 2020

  Presently, the concept of mental health is under investigation. What we know for sure, regardless of your age, size, or societal status — it can affect anyone. Therefore, it’s tasking for medical professionals to give concise advic.. Read More

How to Fill Out the Scuba Medical History Questionnaire

By Larry Klinger IN blogs

Oct 19, 2020

Truthfully and accurately completing the Divers Medical Questionnaire is extremely important to divers’ health and safetyAt the beginning of every scuba class, students are required to fill out a Medical History Questionnaire.  This questi.. Read More

Use Less Air While Scuba Diving

By Larry Klinger IN blogs

Oct 16, 2020

Are you a gas guzzler which always has to return to the boat first? Worry no more, with these top tips you’ll be using less air in no time and know how to use less air while scuba diving!  So are you ready for longer dives, using less air .. Read More

1-10 of over 13 results