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Scouts BSA SCUBA Diving Program

At Dive Buddy Scuba Adventures, we take pride in our collaboration with scouts and troops, fostering a deep appreciation for underwater exploration. Our dedicated team of certified NAUI professionals ensures a safe and enriching experience for scouts seeking BSA Scuba and BSA Snorkeler certifications, as well as those aspiring to earn their Scuba Merit Badge. Whether your troop is engaged in Sea Base High Adventure or simply looking to integrate scuba diving into their activities, we offer flexible scheduling throughout the year. With a commitment to convenience, our team is ready to travel up to an hour from our shop to bring the wonders of the underwater world directly to your troop. Contact us at 724-787-8244 to embark on a unique and educational aquatic adventure with Dive Buddy Scuba Adventures.

Our staff comprises not only certified professionals but also includes merit badge counselors and former scoutmasters, bringing a wealth of expertise to guide scouts through the thrilling journey of scuba diving. Having worked closely with Camp Conestoga and Camp Guyasuta, we understand the specific needs of scouts, making Dive Buddy Scuba an ideal partner for troop activities. Let us be your trusted ally in introducing scouts to the fascinating realm of underwater exploration, providing them with valuable skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

SCUBA Merit Badge

SCUBA Merit Badge Workbook