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 Regulator Inspection – Free if your regulator was purchased at Dive Buddy Scuba Adventures, $24.99 if your regulator was purchased elsewhere.

Regulator Rebuild – The dive industry recommendation is to rebuild your regulator every 2 years or every 100 dives. A full rebuild is $89.99 (plus parts). To service just 1 stage of the regulator is $34.99 (plus parts), to service 2 stages of the regulator is $69.99 (plus parts).

 BCD Inspection – Free if purchased at Dive Buddy Scuba Adventures, $24.99  if purchased elsewhere.

BCD Repairs – We can repair just about any issue on a BCD, and cost depends on what parts and labor are necessary to make the repairs.

Tank Visual Inspections – Visual inspections are required once a year to certify that your cylinder is safe to fill and use. Visual inspections are $20.00 and include an air fill. 

Tank Hydrostatic Tests – Tanks are required to be hydro-tested every 5 years by the Department of Transportation. Hydro tests are $49.99 and include a visual inspection & air fill.