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5 Reason to Learn to Scuba Dive!

Larry Klinger   Oct 06, 2020

At Dive Buddy Scuba Adventures, we’ve experienced firsthand the surge in popularity that diving has enjoyed over the decades. With the advent of the internet, diving information has never been more accessible to people who are curious about this incredible hobby and career! However, if you’ve been living under a rock instead of a reef, here are 5 reasons why you should start your diving journey today!

Anyone Can Enjoy Diving

Whether you’re young or old, able-bodied or have certain restrictions, anyone can enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling as a hobby. We’ve personally seen many families bring in young children to show them at an early age that the ocean is an awe-inspiring place that is still full of mystery and wonder.

Scuba Diving is a Social Hobby

While many people can, and do go on solo-dives. Diving is ultimately a social connector. From the time you receive your certification and get acquainted with a dive instructor and your peers who are also learning, to your first unassisted dive, you’re going to rub elbows (or fins) with many different people ( just not during COVID) from all walks of life. Just take a look at all the pictures we’ve taken on our Facebook page over the years. You’ll notice many people having a great time together while out exploring the sea.


The Ocean is Similar to Outer Space

Think we’re crazy? Hear us out on this one. Many people have remarked over the years how similar these two different places really are in terms of the experience. While most of us haven’t been to space, the main draw is weightlessness and that stillness we imagine in the great vacuum. The ocean is like that as well. You’re floating along, weightless and completely encompassed by your environment. Nobody can speak, the sound is muffled. All you can do is be present and observe, much like in meditation. This is probably why many people are drawn to the hobby, it promotes mental clarity and relaxation of a different kind.

Marine Life is Fascinating

Did you know that around 228,450 species are recognized in the ocean, with there are an estimated 500,000-2 million more multi-celled organisms that remain unknown? Scientists identified almost 1,500 new creatures in the world's oceans last year, including a humpbacked dolphin and a giant jellyfish, and reckon that most species of marine life are yet to be found.

There is Always Something to Do

Diving can take you all over the world and there’s always the thrill of exploring a new diving spot available to the adventurous. For the goal-oriented, you could have 30 years of diving experience and still have something new to learn, it’s one of the most important things to know whether it is your first dive or your 100th dive—the sea will humble you if you think you know it all. This is why safety is the primary importance of Dive Buddy Scuba’s dive training and certification programs. Our experienced instructors are all well versed on drilling the fundamentals of diving safety into our students.