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Part Number:LR131002 Manufacturer: Cressi USA SIZE: Gender:

The Otterflex full one-piece wetsuit is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling in medium to cold temperatures, while providing maximum flexibility and range of movement. It is made of durable 5mm, double-lined neoprene, and features watertight seals on the wrists to prevent water from entering. With flex areas on the arms and legs, the Otterflex provides comfortable, unrestricted movement underwater. The knees and shoulder areas have been reinforced with Tatex®, an extremely durable yet flexible anti-abrasion neoprene. The collar is anatomically designed to fit the neck comfortably. The back closure, fitted with a YKK® zipper, has been redesigned to provide the upmost water resistance. The closure flap is wider, and features water resistant neoprene. The closure also includes an elongated nape to further prevent water from entering, making the Otterflex the perfect high-quality wetsuit for regulating body temperature in comfort and style.

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