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Part Number:IC774004 Manufacturer: Cressi USA Size:

The Elettra jacket has been conceived to adapt to the female anatomy.


The exclusive design and technical features provide perfect buoyancy with a close-fitting profile.


The 40 mm buckles (shoulder-waist) adapt perfectly to the female anatomy.


The lower band of the shoulder strap is anchored to a ring to ensure rotation and therefore maximum adaptability to the female anatomy.


The internal part is fully lined with air-net material, with thicker padding to increase comfort and improve water drainage.


The two-piece waist band uses the new patented SPWB (Self Pivoting Waist Band) system.


The soft and padded semi-rigid back plate permits the BCD to be folded and transported with the minimum possible volume.


The Cressi Flat Lock integrated ballast system makes the extraction of the weight bags particularly easy.


The jacket’s two integrated cylinder supports improve the diver’s trim

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