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Part Number:IC773004 Manufacturer: Cressi USA Size:

The Lightwing is a rear-mounted air cell B.C.D. with extremely low weight.

Its 2 kg for size M makes it indispensable for travel.


The semi-rigid, soft and padded backplate allows you to fold and carry the device in the smallest possible space, thanks also to a strap with Velcro for instant packaging.

The special air-net material is present in the shoulder straps and backrest to ensure greater comfort and water drainage. Adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap. It features a hideaway pocket on the right for extra space for the accessories.


The Flat-Lock Integrated Weight Aid System makes it very easy to remove the ballast from the sides.


Two supports, integrated on the back lower for ?xing the tank, improve the diver trim.


2 Back Weight Pockets OPTIONAL

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